Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Samplings

I am happy to report that all is well at my in-law's place at the beach and they are headed back home now.  Yesterday was a very busy and exhausting day but I was sad to see them go.  

I have been stitching on Penny America for the past couple of weeks.  Here is my progress so far:
 I am enjoying this one and love the colors. 

The mailman didn't disappoint me yesterday and delivered BBD's Casting A Spell.  I couldn't get the package open quick enough!  LOL  I was itching to stitch with some of those Autumn colors that I love so much.
 I completed the first little piece and started on another.  Doncha just love this fat crow?!  I need to get busy on painting and waxing my box.  The book instructs you to finish these as little flat pieces to glue into the box but I am toying with the idea of making little pin pillows filled with crushed walnut shells.  I honestly won't "use" the box, only display it, maybe even put hangers on the back so it can hang on the wall - shadow box style.  Who knows what I will end up doing?  Isn't that part of the fun?

It is bright and sunny here today so I think I will head outside for a while.  I hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday and please continue to keep those on the coast in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene has arrived

Hello dear friends.  Irene has arrived in NC.  My in-laws evacuated Carolina Beach yesterday morning and are staying here.  We are hoping and praying their house isn't damaged and they can return tomorrow.  For those of you wondering I live almost smack dab in the middle of the state so we don't really worry too much about Irene's effects here.  It is very windy here today and we have had a few sprinkles but other than that all is well.

I finished a little winter piece earlier this week.  :o)

This is a design taken from Lizzie Kate's Six Fat Men border, it is available on their website.  I am calling the finish/finish a pencil pillow because it is so long and skinny.  A little ribbon, yo-yo's, and some snowflake buttons finished it up quite nicely doncha think?  I think it will be cute just stuffed down into my Christmas tree and later displayed in a basket.  It doesn't scream Christmas so I think I can display it into January too.

I am stalking the mailman today hoping to have a little package of goodies while preparing to serve 10 for dinner.  Sirloin tips with mushrooms cooking away in the crockpot along with mashed potatoes, a salad, rolls, and blackberry cobbler for dessert.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Please pray for those on the eastern seaboard.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello dear friends!  I hope your start to the week was a pleasant one.  We had a pretty busy weekend cleaning around the yard and house.  It is still HOT here but tomorrow we are supposed to have a bit of a cool down.  We are keeping a close eye on hurricane Irene as we have relatives who live at Carolina Beach.  I pray that it goes on out to sea!

Have you been looking at the new releases from the Baltimore market?  I sure have....especially this one:
Squeeeeee!  Blackbird Designs, Halloween, and a box?!  You know this is a must have for me.  And...I have already been to my local Hobby Lobby and purchased 2 of the boxes.  :o)  I love this box and probably wouldn't have even given it a thought until I saw this.  Wouldn't it be pretty painted in green with red and white smalls tucked inside too?

Seeing the wonderful Halloween designs inspired me to finish up this little cutie this weekend.

This is the piece I finished stitching from Barbara Ana Designs a while back.  I decided to use those big, chunky beads as shown in the model and make myself another ornament for my Halloween tree.

I have been stitching on Penny America but had to stop and stitch up a little winter design (just because I needed a color break) and plan to finish it into a little pillow tonight.  Yes, the autumn and winter designs are starting to "call" to me even though I have a couple of new summer designs that I still want to stitch soon.

That's it for now.  Maybe I'll have another little finish to show you before the end of the week.  :o)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally some rain!

We finally got some much needed rain here this weekend.  You could almost hear all the plants sighing with relief.  My cucumbers were about to dry up - hopefully the rain will make them want to give me a few more before they die out.  I do love me some cucumbers.

Since yesterday was quite dreary I decided to sew a basket to sit on the table beside my stitching chair.  It seems I always have a bunch of junk cluttering up the table (remote controls, hand lotion, nail file, calculator, etc.) and I needed a place to put it.
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and it matches the colors in my living room perfectly.  I really wanted to trim it in turquoise ric rac but had to settle for brown.  You can find the pattern for this basket here.

Last week I treated myself to a pedicure.  I almost never have my nails done as I am so prone to trashing them as soon as I walk out the door.  The nice lady painted a pretty design on my big toesies.

 While having my toes done we were discussing manicures.  The technician started talking about manicures and the new "shellac" polish which will last 3 weeks.  Well, you know that got my attention as the last manicure I had lasted a total of 4 days before it was chipping and looking awful.  Since I was there and might consider having a manicure more often if it lasted more than 4 days, I decided to give it a try.
This is 3 days later and it looks as good as the first day.  I wanted to get a picture so I can see if it really will last 3 weeks.  I also want to make sure it doesn't damage my nails.  Long ago I had the acrylic nails and they pretty much trashed my natural nails.  I have healthy nails now and was assured this new polish is not damaging.  I will keep you posted.  :o)

I hope you are all having a great weekend filled with pretty stitches!  I am off to put some sirloin kebabs on the grill.  Yum!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catching Up

I have been so busy the past few days it seems that time is just flying by.  I had a fabulous weekend which started on Friday with this delivery:
I can't wait until I have a bit of uninterrupted time to break this baby out and play!  A big thank you to Amy for hosting the giveaway on her blog and to the AccuQuilt company for donating the GoBaby!  I promise to cherish and keep her and put her to good use.  :o)  I have some plans for the Tumbler die that just might involve some of the new Blackbird Designs Blueberry Crumb Cake line. 

Then, bright and early Saturday morning Chris and I headed down to SC for a stitch-in.  We both loved being greeted by this charming sign upon our arrival.  

Manning and the ladies we met certainly did not disappoint.  I didn't accomplish very much in the way of stitching but I made lots of new friends and saw all sorts of gorgeous stitching in progress.  This was my first event of this kind and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Since Myra played all day Saturday she had to spend Sunday getting caught up on chores.  :o)  The tomatoes continue to produce and I have cooked tomatoes and frozen sauce for the past 3 nights.  I just can't bear to see these go to waste and they will make great soups and spaghetti sauce this winter.

Now it is back to the work week and boy is it starting out to be a doozy for me.  I hope you all are having a great start to your week.  I have tomorrow afternoon off and am hoping to get in a little sewing and/or stitching time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dance With Me!

"Bird of A Feather Mystery Sampler"
by Brenda Gervais
35 WDW Confederate Gray Linen
My own floss conversion & NC "Style"

My take on making the bird an Eastern Bluebird.  I also "carved" my initials into the tree.  :o)

Love the little sheep and yet another "carving" in the tree.

One more look at the cardinals.

I can't thank all of you who stopped by to admire my progress or posted about my sampler on your blog.  YOU kept me motivated and made me want to finish this yesterday!  I really appreciate all the lovely compliments and encouragement.  I also want to thank Brenda for such a wonderful design and concept in the mystery sampler.  I do hope she will design another one for us next summer. 

Stay cool my friends - it is a scorcher here!