Sunday, March 25, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Terri of Dixie Samplar!

Congratulations Terri!

Thank you all for visiting my new blog and for your lovely comments.  I really appreciate your visits, the orders and all your kind words.

I apologize for the delay in posting the winner.  The thunderstorms have been almost constant here this weekend with lots of wind, rain, lightening, and even hail.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This past weekend I stopped at a little antique/junk shop.  I am always looking for the same things when I stop in these places - skeleton keys, flower frogs, oil cans, spools, bobbins, interesting containers.  In the past 3 years of looking everytime I stop I have found one key and one frog.  I was thrilled to walk in this little hole-in-the-wall place and discover these:

Isn't that copper one just fabulous!  This is of course after I had cleaned them up a bit.  I am debating on whether to clean the black one a little more or leave it as it.  I do believe Miss Becky was my lucky charm with these.  I think the one she sent me needed some friends.  :o)  Now to select the perfect piece to stitch and perch atop them.

The luck just kept coming for me when I won of  Nancy's wonderful drawings.  I won some of her chenille but the sweet, generous soul that she is also sent me a skein of her floss.  Nancy asked what color I wanted in the chenille and I told her it was all beautiful so to surprise me.

This red is GORGEOUS!  I can't wait to stitch up a little monochrome small of some sort with it and trim it with the chenille.  Thank you so much Nancy!
If you haven't experienced her trims and floss you need to run over to her blog and shop and check it out. 

I will leave you with a little progress pic of Sergei.  He is being stitched on 36 ct Vanilla Double Dip linen from Tree of Life Samplings with various overdyes and DMC.  I substituted the red in Sergei with WDW Lancaster Red because I wanted him to be a little redder.  :o)

Thank you all for your visits and kind comments.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Myra's Handmades

I finally did it!  After a bit of poking and prodding from some of my friends, I have decided to offer some of my creations for sale.  You can go see and read all about them at my new blog Myra's Handmades.  :o)

Now, we can't very well have a grand opening without a little giveaway so I am offering the bird box I made to one of my readers.

To be entered in the drawing all you have to do is go visit my little shop and then come back here and leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite item.  I will leave this drawing open until next Saturday, March 24th.

Thank you for visiting and good luck in the drawing!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kindling :o)

Hello dear friends!  I certainly didn't mean to be away from my little bit of the web for so long.  I have been doing a lot of sewing in anticipation of selling some of my wares.  While doing all this sewing I managed to acquire this:
Yes, I am having a nasty bout with tennis elbow.  Let me tell you this getting old thing sure isn't for sissies.  I have been quite painful for the past week and have been trying to rest my arm as much as I can.  I think the combination of grasping fabric for machine quilting and holding linen in hand for stitching got the best of me.  I am hoping I will be able to pick up where I left off this weekend and finish up some things I have in the works.

I am happy to report I am still madly in love with my Kindle Fire.  :o)  My son had been commenting on  how much I use and enjoy it and broke down and got one for himself with his tax $.   Now we are exchanging books and discussing the best strategy for beating the next level of Angry Birds.  :o)  I have read 16 books on it since Christmas so I am definitely getting my money's worth.  Out of the 16 only 3 of those were purchased.  Many have been borrowed from my county library but lots of them were free from Kindle Nation Daily or Pixel of Ink

I have also managed to snag a few useful apps including an embroidery floss organizer.  I was so excited to be able to input all of my flosses and be able to know with a touch of a finger whether I had a certain one in my stash.  It took a bit of ingenuity and a friend with a smart phone as Amazon hasn't "approved" a floss app for the Kindle yet but the one I have works great.

Most of my sewing time has been spent making these "Stitcher's Tote A Longs":

I have completed another one in this fabric and have 3 more in the works using BBD Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric.  I just love these for kitting, storing, and toting my stitching and I am hoping some of you will too.  :o)

I am looking forward to a long weekend as I have taken Friday and Monday off this week.  Time to get the garden plots ready for planting and maybe sneak in some sewing and stitching if my elbow allows.

Thank you for visiting!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Mail!

Hello dear friends!  I hope all of you are safe from the storms that swept across our country yesterday and I pray for those who lost so much.  We had heavy rain and winds here but that was about it.

This week's mail brought a wonderful surprise from Miss Becky.  :o) 
Needless to say I was absolutely thrilled when I saw these old bobbins, that wonderful oil can, and the frog!  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head with uses/finished for them I can't decide just yet what to do with them.  Right now I am enjoying looking at them and imagining all the hands that touched them throughout the years.  Thank you Becky for making my week extra special!

I have been spending most of my spare time at the sewing machine.  It seems I have found another use for my little birds.

 I painted, distressed, and waxed a paper mache box - glued on a bit of trim - and found the perfect resting place for another bird.  :o)
 I mounted some Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric inside the top and bottom of the box too.
I think this might make a nice giveaway sometime in the near future.

I have been visiting your blogs as time allows but I am mostly using my Kindle Fire to keep up.  I am not very good at touch screen typing and apologize for not always leaving a comment.  You are all such an inpiration to me with your gorgeous stitching and finishing.

I am currently doing some sewing that I will offer for sale in the near future.  Birds and Stitchers Tote A Longs are on the agenda for tomorrow and I hope to have pictures to show soon.

Enjoy your weekend my friends!  Thank you for stopping by - I really appreciate each and every one of you.