Monday, September 24, 2012

More Birthday

First I want to thank all of you who left a comment on my last post and for all the birthday wishes.  Ya'll sure know how to make a girl smile.

My birthday celebration actually started on Friday with a package from my friend Vera.
She sent these wonderful Halloweenie Weeks flosses, felted soap and these antique spindles.  The soap smells wonderful and I can't wait to give it a go.  The label says wool has antifungal properties - who knew?  Now I hope there isn't a fungus among us but if there is I am all set.  ;o)  I had an idea for the spindles and couldn't wait to choose some pumpkin colored wool while I was at Lone Star Merchantile.  Wanna see what I did with one of the spindles?

Meet Jack!  I was inspired by the toothy cat I saw on one of the kits at Lone Star.  Stay tuned...another of the spindles might be wearing a cat next time you see it.

My family showered me with gifts on Saturday morning.  The sons gave me my very own tool box complete with tools (so DH can't lose all of them like he has our others LOL) and a professional set of knives.  DH gave me a really nice set of screwdrivers to go in my new toolbox.  :O)  Do you think that might be because I threatened him the last time I couldn't find my screwdrivers?

And today these beauties arrived from Carol.  I have always admired this design as this little witch dancing with that huge squirrel is just so dang cute.  Doesn't Carol do the most wonderful stitching and her finishes are always top notch.  I am in love with that Halloween print fabric too.

Thank you so much Carol!

There was yet another package in my mail box from sweet Norma

The cutest little bird ornament and a felted wool case.  Seeing this birdie makes me think I need to have a spring themed tree next year.  :o) And check out this gorgeous card she made:

This one will be displayed year round.  Thank you Norma!

Thank you Cindy and Mary for the wonderful cards.  I really appreciate all of you who made me feel so special for my birthday.  Hey, if birthdays were always this much fun we wouldn't mind getting older, would we?  I know I didn't mind turning 49 one little bit.  :o)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Birthday Post

Greetings Friends!  Yesterday was the first day of fall and know what else???  It was my 49th birthday.  I don't know how the heck all those years "happened" but I guess I'll have to just roll with it!  LOL

My dear friend Chris had planned a special road trip for us to Lone Star Merchantile in Fuqay-Varina.  Chris always manages to make me feel oh so special on my birthday. 

My chauffeur.  ;o)

 The Halloween display at Lone Star - I spent most of my time in this room.   There were so many little detailed things my brain could barely process it all.

I wanted all of these guys to come live with me.

My budget demanded that I maintain some restraint but I came home with these lovelies.  A few pieces of fabric for finishing, some wools, and a fabulous patchwork/wool applique pillow kit.
If you are ever in the area you do not want to miss this shop.  The staff was very helpful and friendly and their kits and supplies were top notch.  I am already thinking about my next visit.  :o)

We then headed to the main part of town to have lunch at Nil's Bakery Cafe.  

My "Terry's Salad".  Chris and I had the same dish and it was oh so good.  Roasted Veggies, Olives, Hummus, and Homemade Bread.  YUM!

While we were there Chris showered me with gifts.  (I am spoiled!)

 A Treasured Friend gift bag from Victorian Motto.  Can you believe all the gorgeous things that were in this package?!  I love all of Nancy's trims and know this will be put to use right away. 

This wonderful Bent Creek kit and the cutest card.  Not pictured is a huge bottle of Olive Oil from Trader Joe's.  Love!

After lunch we headed across the street to Cup Cake Bite for a bit of dessert. 

Chris "made" me get a cake pop.  LOL

It was a wonderful day out and I enjoyed every second.  There is just nothing better than spending time with a friend.  Thank you Chris!

I have lots more to share...later. Thank you so much for your comments and visits.   I will leave you with a picture of poor Lola who can't imagine why her momma didn't spend the whole day with her and her kitty.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I miss you all!

Howdy friends!  I miss visiting your blogs and chatting with you so much.  Life hasn't slowed down one bit and when I have a spare minute I try to put in a few stitches instead of jumping on the computer.  I hope you all understand and I will be back to visiting on a daily basis soon.

Is there a nip in the air where you live?  There sure was in NC this weekend which put me in the mood to pull out my fall/Halloween decorations.  This is the first weekend I have had off in about a month so I tried to make the most of those 2 glorious days.

I just love this metal crow I picked up last year at the after Halloween 75% off sale at Hobby Lobby. 

The Halloween tree is up!

I had hoped to have all the LK Rules made into ornaments but it just didn't happen.  I did manage to finish this one giving me a total of 3 so far this year.

Needing a quick Christmas fix, I designed, stitched, and finished a couple of small Christmas pieces.

I have a birthday coming up soon and DH kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday.  I really didn't have anything in mind until I ran across The Preppy Possum on Facebook.  The Preppy Possum is owned by a local artist who conducts painting classes.  When I saw the class "Paint Your Own Pet Portrait" I knew I had found my birthday gift.  :o)

The class was held this past Sunday night and here is the result:

Ain't she beautiful!?
The class was tons of fun and very relaxing.  For someone who can't do much more than draw stick people when it comes to drawing and painting I was beyond thrilled.  Nikki was a great teacher and offered loads of help.  I think I will be taking more classes from her in the future.

If you have made it this far my friends - thank you!  I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and see what I have been doing.  I hope your week is off to a wonderful start and you get to spend some time doing something you love.