Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to those of you in the US and Happy Monday to all of my international friends.  :o)  So, let's get right to the winner of the Halloween basket and then I'll share a few other things with you too.  The winner is Barb !  Barb said the wordy one is her favorite so the wordy one will be off to her soon.  Barb please email me your address so I can get your package ready to go.
Thank you all for your lovely comments and encouragement.  I see more baskets in my future.

Saturday I met Chris to catch up and have lunch.  Little did I know she planned for this to be my birthday lunch as she is going to be away on my actual birthday later this month.  (I can't believe it is already September and I will be .....Gasp!  50 years old this year.  How the snot did that happen?)
We had a wonderful time as we always do and did our part in solving all the worlds problems.  ;o)

We met at Hobby Lobby and you know I couldn't leave there without a little something in my basket.
I fell in love with the Christmas fabric and the little ditsy will be used as the backing for Beggar's Night.  I have been stitching away on it this weekend and thoroughly enjoying myself.
I have been cooking.

DH was diagnosed with high blood pressure this past week so he has to stay away from salt.  His favorite thing to eat before work is soup.  So instead of  him serving himself a can of that salt filled stuff, I have been making soups and freezing them.  This was garden vegetable soup made yesterday and I have a pot of vegetable beef clean out the pantry on the stove now.
I have also discovered puff pastry.

It goes so well with the fresh peaches and apples we have been getting from the orchard.  This is peach streudel from last week and I made apple streudel yesterday. 
Thank you for visiting.  I will leave you with a wish for a wonderful week ahead and a little ric rac rose to brighten your day.


carol fun said...

Oh your soup and strudel look yummy! And I see a trip to Hobby Lobby in my future -- love that Christmas fabric.

Catherine said...

Congrats to Barb!! Your soup and streudel sure look yummy! Always fun to see what you find on your adventures with Chris ~ great fabric!

Pumpkin said...

I heard about you two getting together. Apparently that's why my ears were burning ;) LOL! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

Congrats Barb!

Why oh why do I have to read Blogs this late at night and see picture upon picture of delicious food????

Barb said...

Why Myra, you just made my day!! I do love that little basket. I decorate big time for Halloween so I will find a very special place for the basket!!Thank you very much!!

Deborah said...

Congrats to Barb. Your soup and streudel look very yummy.

butterfly said...

Congrats To Barb.
Myra there is no end to your talents . Love the rose on the last photo.
Food looks yummy and the material is fab love the red one.
Hope you and Chris had fun.

Annette-California said...

Congrats to lucky Barb! OH MY GOODNESS! We a getting a brand new Hobby Lobby and it opens Sept 6th. Oh yes I will be looking for that pretty Christmas fabric you got:)
Happy Birthday to you. How lovely you got to meet up with Chris and celebrate early. This way you get to celebrate the whole month.
love Annette
ps I too turn 50 this year.

Chris said...

It was great to see you Myra! I am so glad that we are spending the year celebrating! Next year it will be my turn :)
The soup and strudel look amazing.
Have a great week!
So glad Barb won your giveaway, she loves Halloween!!!

cucki said...

congrats to barb...your soup is looking yummy.
hugs x

Shirlee said...

That fabric looks wonderful, but not as wonderful as that soup : ) I love soup! Would you please share the recipe for the garden vegetable soup? I have never tried using puff pastry but that strudel looks good too! Ack! I'm hungry ... lol! Love that little ric-rac rose ; )

Vickie said...

num num! I love that little ric rac rose Myra. I will have to try to make one now. =)

CATHI said...

Happy Monday - or better to say Happy Tuesday to you! ;o)


Mary said...

The fabric is beautiful, Myra. I see a trip to HL in my future although it is 30 mins away!
Your soup looks delicious. I'm a huge soup lover and always have a few in the freezer during the winter.

Thanks for sharing the sweet rose....there is no end to your talents!

Vera said...

Hi Myra, the soup looks wonderful and I will NOT look at the strudel - LOL. Congrats to Barb on the basket win. So glad you and chris were able to get together. I wish my Hobby Lobby were closer than 2+ hours.....PS young son made it home safely Sunday night -- YAY!!!

Simply Victoria said...

Congrats to Barb and Happy Birthday to you! Cute ric-rac rose!

Sally said...

Congratulations to Barb.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Glad you had a great time with Chris.

Sharon said...

Congrats to lucky Barb!! Soup sounds yummy...the healthier the better! :). I can't wait to see what your hobby lobby treasure will look like all finished up!

Marie said...

Your soup looks does that pastry!

Carol said...

Your visit with Chris sounds delightful, Myra--such a nice early birthday treat. You are the same age as my baby sister who will turn 50 on Saturday (still very young, in my opinion!!). I do love the fabric you found at Hobby Lobby, too.

Such yummy looking soup--I'm not a fan of all the salt in canned foods either so this looks perfect. And--wow--that peach strudel looks delicious.

Berit said...

This is a great-looking post! I love the fabric (bells! Wreaths), and what deliciousness. :D

Happy Early (?) Birthday, too!