Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

Hello!  I hope all of you are enjoying some beautiful fall weather.  It is just gorgeous here in NC.  (Except for all the leaves in my yard.)

I recently won a giveaway from Shelly (An Arizona Stitcher) and boy was she generous! My package had a patriotic theme and you all know I love me some patriotic stuff.  :o) I was thrilled when the first thing I saw was this:
I have never seen these.  Isn't the packaging cute?
But that wasn't all....there were multiple packages wrapped individually.

There are lots of trims and ribbon.  Red buttons.  And I just squealed when I saw the needle minder with my initial and the little red scissors.  She also included the floss to stitch the LK design (I didn't have any of those) and the Book of Days. 
Thank you so much again Shelly for offering such a wonderful giveaway!
I also received a Halloween package from my dear friend Norma.

 A fabulous Halloween Mug Rug!  I have made several of these for others but never one for myself.  Norma does such beautiful and creative work.   Thank you Norma! 

This past weekend I noticed my thyme had died in my old coal pot.  I decided it was time to rescue this antique from the elements.  Here is what she looked like before:

Pitiful, isn't she?
And here she is after a little repair and painting:

Much better.  She is now inside and awaiting the idea I have for sprucing her up.  More on that in a later post.  :o)
So, for those of you who celebrate...are you all ready for tomorrow?
Almira certainly is.

She wants to wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stitching and Stuff

Hello friends and folk!  It has been a beautiful fall week here in NC.  The leaves are turning and falling (much to my dismay...I do not like raking leaves) and there is a nip in the air. 

I have managed to keep up with Paulette's Mystery Sampler:

The bible in this picture belonged to my mother.  It was given to her by my grandmother in 1943. Wow!  That means it is at least 70 years old.

 And for whatever reason, my mother had this guy hiding within the pages. He was taped to something once as he still has his sticky feet!  I seem to remember Mom having these Santas taped on the doors when I was a kid.

 When Nan of  Threadwork Primitives announced her new winter design, I didn't waste any time ordering it and getting started.  Here's my progress thus far:
I went to DogFest last Sunday and picked up a Halloween bandanna for Lola.  Isn't this fabric fabulous?  It slides right onto her collar.  (DogFest is a yearly festival held in Level Cross, NC where everyone brings their dogs and they have vendors, games, exhibitions, etc.)

I tried for 15 minutes to get her to pose for a picture.  This is what I got instead:

Bark, bark, barkity, bark at mom and the camera!
My birthday order  arrived from Needlecraft Corner. 
I have decided Snow Angel will be my New Year's start so I purchased the complete kit.  I picked up the new DMC colors as well as Tree of Life Samplings newest sampler.  I love the colors in this one.

There were also quite a few skeins of Gentle Arts floss but I put that all away before I thought to take a picture.
That's all for now my friends.  I hope you managed to cross an X or two this weekend.
Have a great week!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'll have another

So, I liked that linen so much I just had to stitch another ornament with it.

"2013 Ornament"
Milady's Needle
40 ct Vintage Cedar Plank
GAST Floss

I liked the floss colors in the Plum Street Stocking so much I used the same ones for this ornament with the addition of a gold and a lighter brown for the deer.  I love the look of ruched ribbon but I sure don't like making it.  I started ruching this ribbon twice before I was successful.  I started out using regular cotton thread but I found I have to use quilting thread to keep it from knotting and tangling.

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful autumn weekend.  It has been a sad one for all of us with the loss of Cathy.  We will never forget her or her contributions to this wonderful community of stitching bloggers.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Harvest Time

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post.  You make me want to stitch faster!  LOL

I have another finish to show...

"Harvest Time"
Chessie and Me
Floss and Fabric as kitted
Old Mill Stitchery Seasons of Chessie Club

A big thank you to Chris for gifting me with this lovely kit.  There were lots of specialty stitches in this one so it took me a bit longer than the last one. 

I almost made a tragic mistake in the finishing...I originally mounted the piece sideways with the words across the top.  I didn't realize my mistake until I took it outside for the photo.  Thank goodness I used Alene's tacky glue instead of the Gutterman's industrial strength glue I had thought about using.  I was able to carefully remove the piece from the hornbook and  attach it in the proper orientation.  Crisis averted!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Linen Love

I'll start this post by saying I am not a linen or floss snob.  More often than not I'll stitch with DMC and use whatever linen I have that is large enough no matter the count or the manufacturer.   I tend to prefer stiffer linen and if it is a bit rough I don't care.

When I was selecting the ornaments I wanted to stitch from this year's JCS ornament issue Plum Street Samplers Stocking really caught my eye.  I decided to order the Lakeside 36 count vintage cedar plank linen so mine would look just like the model.  Well, I had a tough time finding the 36 count but was able to get the 40 count in the same color.  In the past, the Lakeside linen has been floppy and soft to me so I starched it before I started stitching.

I am in love with this linen.  It is the perfect vintagy, blue-grey with tan undertones.  I only bought a 9 x 13 cut and am wishing I had more.

Isn't it swell?!  The picture just doesn't do it justice.
And here is my finish.  :o)

"A Christmas Stocking"
Plum Street Samplers from the 2013 JCS Ornament Issue

For those of you who read this blog and might be planning to stitch this design, there is a tiny little error in the chart. 

You are looking at the lower right "leg" of the star...this extra stitch shouldn't be there if you want all 4 "legs" of your star to be the same .
I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday.  Thank you for stopping by.  I am off to stitch on the 2nd part of Mary's Sampler and watch my Panthers.  :o)