Sunday, October 5, 2014

Knock Knock!

Anyone home?  Wow!  It has been over 3 months since I last posted on this here blog.  The dust here nearly took me out.  :o)

Not a lot has happened since we last met.  I developed a severe case of tennis elbow which has brought my stitching and sewing and computing to a screeching halt.  Several visits to the doctor and orthopedist and I am finally getting some relief.  It was to the point I couldn't even lift a glass of water.  I can do very little stitching even now but at least I can use the sewing machine.

I made a few more wonder wallets.  These will make nice little gifts.

I found a pump kit at Hobby Lobby and made a new soap dispenser for my bathroom.  I just love the new blue mason jars and find myself looking for things to make with them.

Betty continues to bring us much joy every day.  She still has issues with the cats along with some pretty severe seperation anxiety but we love her all the same.  Here she is preparing for Sunday football.

Of course Ziggy has to get in on the action. 

I also celebrated another birthday in September.  I received some lovely birthday presents but haven't taken the time to snap pictures of those.  Thank you again Carol, Chris, and Vera for making me feel special when I really needed a pick me up.

I am hoping to get my blogging mojo back soon.  For those of you who are still here....thank you!  I appreciate each and every one of you and really do miss our visits.  My life right now just isn't allowing much computer time but I will try my best not to be so scarce in blogland in the future.